One Book, Every Young Child Reading Initiative.

If You Were a Penguin, a picture book by author and illustrator Wendell and Florence Minor for children ages 3 to 6, is Pennsylvania's One Book, Every Young Child 2009 selection. This year's program officially kicked off on March 31.

This brand new book was released in December and lets children use their imaginations as they step inside a penguin's world. This entertaining and educational story provides children with fun facts about penguins and helps them identify the many different kinds of penguins found throughout the world.

This is the fourth year of this important program to highlight the importance of early literacy development in preschoolers. In its inaugural year, the One Book, Every Young Child program won the coveted, national John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award.

The collaborating agencies all support early childhood literacy efforts and emphasizing the importance of reading early and often to children, as well as engaging them in conversation and other activities around books. They are working together to develop a multi-faceted program accessible to all areas and populations of the state.

Penguin Fact

Chinstrap penguins are known as the fiercest penguin species.

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