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Wendell and Florence Minor, the authors and illustrators of If You Were a Penguin, will be visiting libraries, museums and other early learning sites across the state. Sixty-five trunks developed by museum educators also will be available for borrowing through public libraries. Each trunk is filled with fun penguin-related puppets, games and manipulatives for young children. In addition each trunk includes a guide that encourages use of the trunk contents in activities that are aligned with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards.

The following is a listing of the Minors’ visits around the state. This list is subject to change. Two contacts are listed for most locations: a media contact that should be contacted only by a member of the media wishing to cover an event; and a public number that the public can call for information.

Please Note: Not all events are open to the public and that some require an admission fee.

Printable Event List:   
Date Title Venue City Type
04/01/2009 Printable Event List - PDF - - Statewide Events

Penguin Fact

Adélie penguins raise their young farther south than any other penguin on the continent of Antarctica.

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