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General Penguin Sites

Sea World
Any fact you need about penguins you may find here, well organized in outline form.

Live Science
A site dedicated as a source of news articles and informational tidbits moderated by scientists

National Geographic Kids- Emperor Penguin
National Geographic Kids- Adelie Penguin
Interactive, kid-oriented site, with pictures, facts, maps, and videos about these two penguins

Antarctic Sites

Polar Discovery
This site has everything-great photos, maps, games, reference information, and news from polar explorers. Links for us to follow: Expedition 3 (Penguins and Lava Flows) under "Live from the Poles"; everything in the "Antarctica: Frozen Continent" section; and much in "Compare the Poles" that really show the differences between the Arctic and Antarctic. If you only check out one of these websites, this is the one.

Beyond Penguins
A webzine directed at teachers that covers all aspects of the Polar Regions: careful - this includes the Arctic! Don't get confused when looking for Antarctic information! With that said, check out the great articles in the first issue on correcting misconceptions about the differences between Artic and Antarctic life.

International Polar Year
This  project was a large scientific program of studies on polar issues. The "year" was scheduled from March 2007-March 2009, but the site still shows really cool pictures and up-to-the-minute information about what real scientists are doing right now.

Antartic Connection
This web-based company specializes in selling products related to Antarctica and Antarctic exploration, but also maintains a wide variety of information and news about all things Antarctic, including the penguins.

Virtual Antartica Science
Take a virtual expedition to Antarctica and learn facts as you go.

Live Penguin Cameras

Earth Cam
Live penguins at the Central Park Zoo. Feeding time is 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. (note: broadcast starts with an advertisement).

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Live Penguins at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Feeding time is 10:30 am Pacific Time or 1:30 pm EST.

Teacher resources

Penguins Around The Wolrd
Nice, well-organized teacher focused site, with lesson plans and reference ideas as well as online fun for school-aged children. Check out the great interactive habitat map.

Kid Zone
Printable activity sheets and links for teachers. Check out the link to the online penguin jigsaw puzzles.

Enchanted Learning
Printable coloring sheets of several different penguin species and additional links.

Can Teach
An extensive collection of penguin poems and songs.

Child Fun
Crafts, activities, experiments, snacks, and songs on the topic of penguins.

Perpetual Preschool
Penguin activities submitted by preschool teachers, including songs, experiments, snacks, games, and crafts.

Early Literacy Resources

Pennsylvania Center for the Book:
The Family Literacy Activities section of the web site is devoted to the overarching goal of ensuring that every Pennsylvanian becomes a reader. These research-based emergent literacy resources are designed for parents and educators working with parents and young children.

Better Kid Care:
Penn State's Better Kid Care program provides continuing education opportunities to the childcare community, as well as information on childcare for parents and employers. Their newsletters and other publications provide excellent information.

Get Ready to Read:
This site is an initiative of the National Center for Learning Disabilities with a goal of ensuring all children have opportunities to become successful readers. The site provides a Home Literacy Environment Checklist and 36 suggested activities to develop print knowledge, emergent writing, and linguistic awareness.

National Association for the Education of Young Children:
The Association posts short practical articles for parents and others involved with children. New articles are added each month. See the Early Years are Learning Years article on what to look for in a child care or preschool program.

National Center for Family Literacy:
NCFL's services include professional development for practitioners who work in children's education and related literacy fields, model program development, and policy and advocacy support to sustain and expand literacy services for families.

National Institute for Literacy (NIFL):
NIFL, authorized by Congress, seeks to strengthen literacy for all ages. Use this site to access statistics and policy developments and to locate nearby Family Literacy Programs. Click on LINCS and then its Literacy Resources Tab to locate resources for parents and caregivers. The Parents as Teachers section lists links to a number of useful websites.

National Network for Child Care:
The National Network for Child Care offers an Internet source of over 1,000 publications and resources related to childcare. NNCC unites the expertise of many of the nation's leading universities through their Cooperative Extension Programs. Included is Penn State University Cooperative Extension's Better Kid Care: Reading Aloud. Topics include "Choosing Books to Read Aloud" and "Extending the Reading Aloud Experience" through activities.

Penguin Fact

The average life-span of a Fairy penguin is about seven years.

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